Jim has a wealth of experience not only creating compelling questions to ask consumers about your product, but with deep email lists that encompass tens of thousands of consumers from all walks of life.

When any large consumer product company prepares to create a new product for consumers to buy, they ask the general public what they think about the product before they actually produce it in a factory and place it in retail stores or online.

Many of the world’s largest brands, like Apple, Sony, and Nike all perform consumer surveys. Before they launch a product or even before they complete its final makeup, they ask their target audience if they like what it looks like, if they feel the price they wish to sell it at is desirable, and what they like or dislike about- among many other critical questions. Then, they have the opportunity to tweak the product so that it becomes most desirable to these very types of customers. If it’s important enough to them, it should be important to you!

“Jim will create a series of questions that allows him to learn what people think of your product.”

Jim will create a series of questions that allow him to learn what people think of your product and if they would likely purchase it once it is available for sale. Jim creates as many as 25-30 carefully crafted questions. Some of these questions will ask them what retail stores or websites they would expect to find your product at, what price range they would expect to pay, what they like/dislike about your product, if they have children, and if they would purchase your product as a gift for someone even if they would not want to purchase it for themselves. Each survey is customized to suit your product!

Jim will choose approximately 100-200 people to participate in our survey and they answer the questions and return the survey to us. He will then create a special report that summarizes the results of the survey and share it with you.

Consumer Survey


One-time fee per survey


How long does it take to complete the survey?

Typically, it takes anywhere from a week to as many as 2-3 weeks. It usually depends on how long our participants take to complete and return the survey to us.

Does a positive result from the survey ensure my product will do well in the retail marketplace?

Often, we see that products that achieve positive reviews, comments, and other indicators that “feel good” during a survey tend to have a greater chance of success in the retail marketplace. However, it’s truly unpredictable as to how any product will perform regardless of survey results.

Is it really necessary to perform a survey? My friends and family love my product and think it’s a winner.

The people who love you the most will be the ones who most likely tell you your product is amazing… even if they think it’s not! They care about you. They want to spare your feelings. Asking people who DON’T know you or have a vested interest in your success are the best survey participants. Objectivity is critical! Asking strangers who are not readily concerned about your feelings offers the most honest and compelling feedback.

It is also common for inventors to become emotionally attached to their “baby” simply because they created it. However, it’s not your opinion of your product that matters. It’s the opinion of potential buyers throughout the country that matters.

What do we need from you to get started?

Ideally, if you already have a product that is retail-ready or nearly retail-ready, we would receive a sample from you so we can review it ourselves and become more familiar with it but it’s not required. We do not need to have the product to perform the survey. If you are just in the idea stage, you won’t have a product, and we can perform the survey just fine!

I am worried someone will steal my idea if you share it with people. Is this a valid fear?

Well, it may concern you, but the reality is over the decades we have been serving inventors, we rarely see people stealing inventor’s ideas and then making and selling them. Remember… the very person you are worried about taking your idea has to spend the same amount of time and effort to develop and market the product. These very costs and time commitments are a big deterrent to someone who is thinking about taking your idea.

What is the cost?

We only charge $500.00! Why? Because we understand the needs of inventors and feel we must only offer the lowest cost possible to help you get your invention idea off the ground. Since we offer many other services and products to inventors and are a leading company in our industry with decades of experience, we are confident that we will do a great job for you. You may then choose to work with us for any additional needs you will have as you start and grow your business.