Here’s what industry pros are saying…


“He is not only extremely knowledgeable and well-connected, but passionate about helping individuals…”

I’ve known Jim for over 15 years and watched him build a thriving business helping inventors and entrepreneurs successfully manufacture and distribute their products. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and well-connected but passionate about helping individuals successfully commercialize their innovations. If you want to sell your products to retailers I highly recommend you talk to Jim before you do anything else and set yourself up for success!

Lisa Lloyd
Lloyd Marketing Group

“I highly recommend Jim to my network of women inventors.”

Jim’s knowledge of the industry combined with his honesty and integrity are qualities that make anyone feel like they are in good hands. Jim gets results for all of his clients!

Melinda Knight
Inventorz Network Founder

“When it comes to knowing what the buyers want, Jim is the guy!”

When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of retail and knowing what the buyers want and how to get it made, Jim is the guy.

Stephen Key
World-renowned licensing expert, inventRight Founder

“He has his pulse on what it takes to be a success as an inventor.”

Jim DeBetta is the source for anyone needing help getting their invention to market.

Joyce Bone
Millionaire Mom, Author, and Speaker

“He is my go-to person when I need to hire a retail product expert.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on several big brand deals that involved bringing products to market. Jim’s knowledge has been valuable when it comes to clients and TV development around our clients’ brands and products. He is my go-to person when I need to hire a retail product expert to make something a sensation in the marketplace for our clients.

Nicole Dunn
President, Dunn Pellier Media & Television

“Jim is smart, savvy, personable, and really knows the retail marketplace!”

If you are starting a business please put Jim on speed dial before you make any costly mistakes. You will proceed with confidence knowing he is on your team!

Brenda Dillon Cavette
Producer & Television Development at Summer Girl Media

“A true asset to the innovation industry!”

Jim is a seasoned professional in helping product developers work with all types of companies, including Fortune 500 types. He’s candid, competent, and tireless.

Mike Drummond
Editor, Inventors Digest

“Jim is a consummate marketing professional!”

If you need help navigating the complexity of selling at retail, I highly recommend his services. Not only has he successfully brought his own products to market but he has helped countless others open doors and avoid retailing pitfalls. Get started on the right track with Jim on your side!

JoAnn Hines
The Package Diva – World-renowned product packaging expert

“Jim is on my short list when I’m looking for a skilled pro.”

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jim on several recent projects. In each case, Jim was a professional who knew what he was doing

Steve Greenberg
Innovation Insider, Gadget Nation Author

“I recommend Jim DeBetta highly!”

Jim’s product experience, work ethic, and vast industry connections make him an excellent choice for anyone looking to take a product to market. I’ve worked with Jim on numerous recent projects and the experience has been both enjoyable and financially rewarding. 

Don Baker
Direct Marketing/Entertainment Executive