Jim teaches inventors how to create sales and marketing strategies, understand the world of licensing, develop a product using CAD design, raise money to fund a business, and locate factories overseas to produce products

Jim offers decades of experience helping inventors develop their product ideas to placing them on the shelves of the world’s most renowned retailers. If you have a new product idea or an established product business, Jim excels at getting your great product concept into the hands of millions of consumers worldwide!

For nearly two decades, Jim has helped thousands of inventors through individual programs and live events. From product development to retail product placement, let Jim’s expertise guide you through YOUR invention journey!

Some products that Jim offers include:

12 Days of Inventing

For 12 days, Jim will send you a presentation deck addressing each individual step of the invention process!

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Looking 2 License

Jim DeBetta and Roger Brown have created a simple step-by-step audio guide that helps you learn licensing like a PRO!

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The Business of Inventing

The Business of Inventing is your practical guide on how to get your invention into America’s thriving marketplace.

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